Terms and Conditions of hire for the Ocean Road Community Centre

Hire Timing
The centre is available in block booking or hourly. If you require set up time or pack downtime this can be done by adding an hour each side of the booking or by arrangement with the booking officer The evening session must be vacated no later than 10.30pm.

Regular Users of the Centre
A number of groups use the centre on a regular basis. Their bookings take preference and will not be changed.

Confirmation and Payment of your booking 
We will email you with acknowledgement of your booking within 24 hours (if possible) and then an invoice with payment instructions.  Payment is to be made prior to hire, preferably by internet banking. Please note that confirmation of your booking will not occur until you have paid the invoice.

Charges of hire
You will be notified of booking charges once you have submitted the booking form and your booking will be added to the calendar.

Additional charges
Kitchen= $25.00 for Cooking (Tea and Coffee making is included in hire charge)
Projector = $35.00
Bond = $100
These additional charges are excluding GST
The bond charge will be refunded to you once the centre has been inspected, subject to the terms and conditions having been met.

For cancellations no later than 10 days prior to the event the deposit will be fully refunded. For cancellations 7-10 days prior, 50% of the booking cost will be refunded. For cancellations less than 7 days prior to the event there will be no refund of the booking charge. These conditions may be waived only in exceptional circumstances. Please provide us with a bank account number and the name of the account holder, and we will transfer the refund electronically. 

The hirer is responsible for any damage to the centre and its fittings. Centre hirers are not insured by the trust. In the event of damage, the Kapiti Citizens’ Services Trust will seek to recover its costs up to a maximum of $1000
and our insurer may seek to claim the costs 
from the hirer.

Entry to the centre.
The centre booking officer or arranged person will let you into the centre just before the start you specified on the booking form and arrange for the return of the key. If the centre booking officer is not available, you will be given instructions to access the key in the lock box. Any damage noted on entry to the centre must be reported to the Booking Officer/centre Manager
(0212425240) immediately.

These must not be attached to any structures except where the points are already in place such as the front of the stage. The beams on the ceiling have nylon in place to attach decorations to. The use of staples, tacks, adhesives is not permitted. You may use blue tack but this must be removed when cleaning up.

Insurance of equipment and items supplied by the hirer is the responsibility of the hirer.
Alcohol It is the hirer’s responsibility to apply for a special liquor licence and a copy must be submitted to the Centre booking officer.

Chairs and Tables.
All chairs are to be stacked in the areas indicated by notices on the walls.

Hirers are to clean the premises before they depart. 
There is a vacuum cleaner and a mop behind the kitchen door. 
If the kitchen has been used all benches and surfaces above them are to be wiped down, and the refrigerator and microwave must be cleaned inside and out. All rubbish is to be removed. 

(Note, no rubbish bags to be left). 
Failure to clean the hall properly may result in a commercial cleaning charge

All windows are to be checked to see they are closed.
Curtains are to be left open and one blind at each end is to be left half-opened (for security). All lights are to be turned off. The security alarm is automatically set.
Unwarranted security callouts will be charged to the user.

Fire Exits
These must be always kept free of obstruction. In case of emergency please follow the instructions listed on the wall and contact the booking officer. 

The Trust reserves the right to refuse to hire the centre.
The Centre Manager or Board Chair (if filling in for Centre Manager)has the right to enter the centre for any purpose during the hire.